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  March 2012
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116 Years as Mavericks for People in Need

Volunteers of America cofounder Maud Booth made quite the name for herself in the early years of our organization’s existence, doing things in the name of Christian charity that most proper Victorian women would never dream to consider. She became known as the “little mother of the prisons” because she would go into Sing Sing prison in New York to minister to the inmates something most men of the era would never imagine doing, let alone women. In fact, Volunteers of America was one of the first, and for a long time one of the only, organizations that made outreach to the incarcerated one of its core service areas. Read More>

Clement Commons

Clermont Commons: Redefining Homecoming for Female Veterans
A great departure from traditional homeless housing, Clermont Commons is a giant step forward in the way Volunteers of America is changing the lives of female veterans in Denver.
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The Booths

Volunteers of America Celebrates 116 Years of Service
This year, we are proud to mark our 116th anniversary. Founded in 1896 by social reformers Ballington and Maud Booth, today our programs reflect the changing times. Learn more about our history and how we continue to help those in need. Read More>

Founders Day Service 

2012 Founders Day Service
On March 8, we celebrated our National Founders’ Day with a worship service in Denver. The service was held at the Mission, our oldest program in Colorado. Read More>

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